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The Art of Fermentation: Old Fashioned Pickling at Good Humus Farm
Saturday, March 08 2014, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Preserving the harvest has never been tastier or more nutritious! Join us on the farm and learn how to preserve farm fresh produce using the ancient art of lactic acid fermentation. This method nurtures beneficial microorganisms to create foods that will nourish us for months to come. We will discuss creating the best environment for fermentation, troubleshooting tips, and more as we make sauerkraut, veggie pickles and chili sauce.

Instructor: Cathy Suematsu, Spreadwing Farm


$59, $50 Co-op owners, includes lunch


Note: This is a hands-on cooking class. Held at Good Humus Produce

12255 COUNTY RD 84A CAPAY, CA 95607 (530) 787-3187


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Location : Good Humus Produce / 12255 County Rd 84A / Capay, CA 95607


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