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Hanukkah Traditions

Thursday, December 3
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Handmade Wreaths at Good Humus

Saturday, December 5
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  • Just a sprinkle will add extra flavor and nutrients to your popcorn, kale chips, veggie burgers, baked goods and smoothies. High in protein and B-complex vitamins and low in fat.
  • High in protein and B-complex vitamins and low in fat.
  • Organic is a better choice for you and the planet; Non GMO with no synthetic ingredients used as additives or in processing.
  • Conventional yeast’s nitrogen comes from ammonia and ammonium salts, and its vitamins are synthetic. Sulfuric acid, solvents and synthetic anti-foaming agents are used in production. Organic nutritional yeast uses organic grain for nitrogen, organic sunflower oil as an anti-foaming agent, and its vitamins are naturally derived.
  • From the Fields’ is a local business—located in Marin County. The company works with local farmers as much as possible to ensure products that are high quality and delicious.

Our bulk department has brought in Equal Exchange Transitional Almonds!

equal exchangeWhat are transitional almonds? Equal Exchange is working with farms to help support their transition to organic. Transitional Almonds are grown on land that is being transitioned from Conventional growing methods (pesticides) to Organic Growing methods (composting and soil building)

Why should you buy these almonds?
Hilltop grower profile: Benina Burroughs, grows Monterey variety, transitioning from conventional to organic — It takes three years for a farm to transition from conventional farming methods to gain organic certification. Typically during the three year transition the farmer’s crop continue to be valued at the lower conventional pricing level; their growing costs are higher as they invest in this organic path. Many farms return to conventional farming practices before achieving organic status simply because the shift is too expensive to endure. The allure of higher crop yields through one pesticide application versus the harder work of composting and building soil is often compellingly irresistible. Happily, we have been able to source “transitional” almonds from Benina’s farm in Denair, California. The farm is in year two of their three year transition. We pay significantly more for the Transitional almonds despite the fact that we cannot use the term “organic” at the point of purchase. By paying over conventional market prices we are supporting the Burroughs Family Farm's efforts to transition to 100% sustainable agriculture.

Equal Exchange website

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