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Sacramento Cooperative
Community Fund

TSacramento Cooperative Community Fund (SCCF) is an endowment fund founded by the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op in conjunction with the Twin Pines Cooperative in 2001. Each Spring the SCCF awards micro-grants to local non-profit or cooperative organizations for qualifying projects promoting nutrition or health, supporting a healthy environment, meeting basic human needs, particularly nutrition, and/ or promoting a cooperative environment.

Representatives from Wellspring Women's Center, Maryhouse, and Center for Fathers and Families receive funding and recognition for their organizations at the Co-op Quarterly Owner Meeting

Sacramento Cooperative Community Fund Micro-Grant Awardees
This year ten qualifying organizations applied for micro-grants through the SCCF. $1500 in available funds allowed the SCCF committee to give a portion of requested funds to the four top scoring organizations based on benefit to the community, overall budget request and the number of people in the community that will be reached by the individual projects. This year’s awardees are the Wellspring Women's Center; Maryhouse – a Program of Loaves and Fishes; Center for Fathers and Families, and United Cerebral Palsy of Sacramento. Thank you to all the community organizations that applied for a mocro-grant; it’s inspiring to learn about all the great work happening in our region!

To help grow this fund and support the work of organizations like these, donate to SCCF using swipe cards at Co-op registers, by choosing to put your Make Every Day Earth Day bag token in the SCCF box, or by donating online at http://community.coop/ccf/donate.php