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Pather Ranch

Prather Ranch is a 34,000 acre operation located on a high mountain butte Northeast of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. 

Spring-fed water and computer tracked feeds grown on their Siskiyou County ranch provide the healthiest diet.  The cattle are a "closed herd" comprised only of those raised on the ranch.  Detailed records of geneology, weight, feed and life history are kept for each animal. This assures you, the consumer, of the finest, purest beef you will ever eat.

All Prather Ranch cattle are born and raised on the ranch. Because of this, they are better able to maintain a low-stress living environment.  It is the Prather Ranch philosophy that responsible stewardship of the land is a practice that must be continually improved upon, for it is this attention to detail that allows them to deliver a consistent product.  By doing so, they are in a win-win-win situation: the animals live in ideal conditions, they use ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and you can serve Prather Ranch beef with confidence that it is a pure product.

The beef is hand-cut in their private state-of-the-art USDA federally inspected facility located on the ranch.  They never administer growth-stimulating hormones or feed antibiotics.  They have never fed animal sourced proteins.  It is their business to have the best documented cattle in the world.

At Prather Ranch, it is against their business policy to increase quantity at the expense of quality.  They are a comparatively low volume cattle ranch.  This fundamental approach prevents the questionable practices that aim to increase yield and keeps them focused on what is important - improving the treatment and care of their cattle and environment so that you can consistently serve the best tasting beef to family and friends.

Prather Beef

At Prather Ranch, we they use the purest methods to cultivate chemical-free produce and livestock, which they then complement with the highest standards of animal care.  Their ranch is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Their farming methods are highly principled, because they are fastly becoming culturally aware of the dangers inherent in current agrichemical practices.  Holistic, sustainable methods of raising crops and livestock are central to Prather Ranch philosophy.  It is a return to the standards that our ancestors were familiar with.