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Smart Chicken

Smart Chicken® was founded in 1998 with a vision to produce the safest and most natural fresh poultry available‚ A Higher Degree of Fresh Chicken™. We introduced air chill technology to the United States, replacing the standard immersion/absorption method of chilling poultry. In addition to minimizing the use of water during processing, air chilling allows us to guarantee that no water is ever added to our chicken, providing a more wholesome and satisfying dining experience.

We believe it is important for you to know our chickens are raised and processed the right way, from egg to shelf. Our chickens are fed only the finest grain produced in America's Heartland, are never given antibiotics or hormones nor fed animal by-products. We pioneered the utilization of CAS in the United States so that our birds are handled with care in every aspect of production, from our spacious, free roam farms to our production facility and beyond. Our combination of humane treatment, sustainable practices and state-of-the-art facilities guarantee you a true, premium product.

Committed to Green

Smart Chicken® is committed to environmental stewardship and preservation of natural resources. When we founded Smart Chicken®. in 1998, we decided to raise our chickens in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. Why? All of our facilities are literally surrounded by corn and soybean farms, which are the feed grains for chickens. In fact, millions of corn and soybean acres, producing nearly all of the feed grains raised in America, are located in the Midwest.

A Lower Carbon Footprint

Our studies showed that there is a much greater environmental cost—a much greater carbon footprint—associated with hauling grain and feed than hauling chicken products. In our research, we also learned that our area of the Midwest has almost unlimited water resources, including one of the greatest natural aquifers in the world. As a result, our water use, further limited by our air-chill method, has no adverse effect on any source area or water resource. By conserving thousands of gallons of water every day in addition to utilizing a source of water which creates no adverse environmental affect, we help assure that this precious resource is available to those who truly need it.

A Strategy for Success

There is no poultry company in the country more strategically located to limit adverse environmental impacts. We ask you to do the research when a company claims a small carbon footprint just because their processing plant is located nearby. Compare the environmental cost of handling grain and feed with the cost of transporting finished products. We believe it is critical to understand water waste and where this valuable resource is in greatest abundance as well as most needed. We firmly believe that you will not find chicken produced with less adverse impact on the environment, no matter where you live, than Smart Chicken®.

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