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Seasonal • Local • Organic



Delicious food that changes with the seasons



Food grown in our community for our community



Choices that are full of untampered with, natural and wholesome, flavor

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buffet & salad bar
In harmony with the seasons, we have planned a wholesome
and delicious seven day buffet menu and salad bar. Featuring
seasonal, local and organic produce, whole grains, beans,
meat and vegetarian options.
$8.99 per lb

Seasonal soups fresh from our kitchen
12 oz$3.99
16 oz $4.49
32 oz $7.99

ORGANIC soft serve ice cream
$1.99 Cone or Cup

salad sampler
Choose two or more options from today's
salad sampler menu (up to 1 12 lbs)
$6.99 per lb