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Benefits of Becoming an Owner
Optional Owner Worker Program
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Optional Owner Worker Program

You must be a Co-op owner or a household shopper to participate in the Owner Worker Program and must complete the Owner Worker Orientation before performing work.  For more information, register for an Owner Worker Orientation at our Customer Service Desk or on our website.

The next Owner Worker Orientation will be on Saturday, October 11 from 9 am to noon at the Co-op Community Learning Center & Cooking School (1914 Alhambra Blvd.). Registration for the next Owner Worker Orientation will begin on September 5.

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op recognizes the value of having its owners participate in store and Co-op operations.  Owners have the opportunity to be involved while also earning discounts by taking part in the Co-op’s Owner Worker Program.  By working 6 hours in a month, owners will earn a 10% discount on all purchases during the following month.  The program is flexible – work can be done every month or just once in awhile.  Work can be done in one of our in-store departments and on our Outreach team .

Shoppers at the Co-op are entitled to excellent service and a warm and friendly store environment.  To ensure that the Owner Worker Program supports that expectation, we have developed the program guidelines outlined below that all owner workers are responsible for following.

General Guidelines for In-Store Work

  • All owner work shifts are subject to store needs and determined by the store’s management.
  • All available work shifts will be listed in the Owner Worker Sign In book available at the Customer Service Desk.
  • Owner work shifts will be available in the Front End as helper clerks and in the Deli for bussing and cleaning of the dining area.
  • Opportunities for work in other departments will be determined by store management and posted in the Owner Worker Sign In book.  Department managers will interview and select the owners eligible for such work and will provide the required training.
  • All owner work is to be done under the supervision of the management or shift leader of the assigned department.
  • Owner workers must sign up in advance for work shifts.  The availability of work shifts to owners who drop-in seeking to work cannot be guaranteed.  Drop-ins need to be authorized by the Front End or Deli management.
  • Shift minimums are two hours.  You may work a three hour shift if it is available.
  • For work at the Front End or in the Deli you can accrue up to 18 work hours (3 month’s credit) in your owner worker account balance.

Expectations of In-Store Owner Workers

  • Owner workers must provide excellent customer service, be consistently productive, participate within the parameters of the program, and have a cooperative attitude at all times.
  • Follow the direction of the Co-op's management and staff who are responsible for guiding work efforts to meet the Co-op's standards for productivity and customer service.  
  • Owner workers must be able to lift 40 lbs.
  • Owner workers must follow Co-op policies regarding dress code. Wear closed toed shoes of a sturdy material that covers the entire foot.  Wear socks or hosiery that is visible above the shoe line.  Crocks are acceptable if they have at least a inch back at the heel.  The following types of footwear will not be allowed: Mary Janes, ballet slippers, “Tom’s” shoes, high heels and cowboy boots.  Do not wear sleeveless shirts or tank tops; no logos other than the Co-op or natural/organic food logos. Long hair should be pulled back; workers in the Deli must wear hats.  Owner workers intending to work in the Deli must provide their own hat.  Wear the apron or vest and name tag provided by the Co-op.
  • Work safely and efficiently and ask questions whenever in doubt or when extra help is needed.
  • Record hours accurately and in a timely fashion.  Be on time for scheduled shifts and call at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your shift.
  • Any owner worker who does not show up twice for his or her shift within any three month period without calling in to notify us will be suspended from the program for three months.
  • Owner workers will not park in the Co-op parking lot during their work shifts.
  • The Co-op cannot be responsible for personal belongings that owner workers bring with them and does not have storage space for such belongings.
  • No eating, cell phone use, or wearing ear buds is permitted while working.
  • Harassment of customers or workers is unacceptable and will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

Procedures for In-Store Owner Workers

  • You must be a Co-op owner or household shopper to participate in the Owner Worker Program.
  • All owner workers will complete the Owner Worker Orientation before performing any work.
  • All owner workers will check in and check out for their shifts at the Customer Service Desk where they will log in, receive an apron or vest and a name badge and return supplies to the CSD after their shifts. 
  • Owner workers need to be patient and wait for assistance when at the Customer Service Desk.  Customers come first and they will be helped as soon as possible to be signed up for shifts or to check in or out for the day.  
  • Owner workers should update their phone numbers when scheduling shifts.
  • Owner workers are not allowed to call and schedule shifts on Anti-Depression Friday, Senior Day or on any holidays.  If it is busy at the desk, they will be asked to call back at a later time to schedule shifts. 
  • At the end of your shift, you must fill out a yellow Owner Worker Hours Log form to get credit for the hours that you have worked.  The forms are located at the Customer Service Desk.  Complete the form and have your supervisor initial it.  Then return it to the Customer Service Desk when you check out.    
  • At the end of your shift, please remember to check out at the Customer Service Desk and turn in your name tag, apron/vest and Owner Worker Hours log form to the Customer Service Desk.  
  • Your hours will be tracked by our Owner Administrator.  If you have any questions about your owner worker hours, please contact the Owner Administrator at 916-736-6800 ext. 122.

Failure to comply with these guidelines and
procedures may result in suspension or termination
from the program.

In addition to in-store work, there are some limited opportunities to work with our Outreach team. Again, you must be a Co-op owner or household shopper to participate on these teams and you must complete the Owner Worker Orientation before doing so.

How Do I Sign Up for the Outreach Team?

The Outreach Team performs the following duties: participate in a variety of Co-op and community events, set-up, give out information and samples, clean-up, provide learning experiences for youth and adults and sign up new owners.  To work with the Outreach Team you should enjoy working with people, be outgoing and friendly, have knowledge of Co-op values, mission and goals, own and operate a vehicle, able to lift up to 40 lbs., available on weekends and evenings and work under various weather conditions.  For more information, contact the Community Relations Coordinator at 736-6800 ext. 147.

Thank you for participating in the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op’s Owner Worker Program.  We look forward to working with you.

Visit our Contact Us section for Owner related forms.