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Benefits of Becoming an Owner
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According to our 2008 Owner Survey, when considering the Co-op's seven goals, 82.5% of owners responded that the following goal is the most important to them: "to honor the earth and cultivate the Co-op's relationships with the communities we serve and with the broader network of farmers, suppliers, manufacturers and cooperatives."

Anyone can shop here, but why miss out on the owner benefits?
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Co-ops are a place where everyone is welcome. While you don't have to be an owner to shop, it's easy and fun to join. Best of all, you'll feel good sharing in the bounty of a business that will be locally owned forever, a business with integrity that supports the local community and at the same time builds connections with our local growers. Below are some of the many benefits of being an owner of Sacramento Natural Foods.

Owner Appreciation Discount

All Co-op owners (current on their fair share payment plans) receive a 10% Owner Appreciation Month discount twice a year. The Co-op will designate two months per year (one in the spring and one in the fall) as Owner Appreciation Months. Each owner can choose the day during those months when they wish to enjoy this discount. The discount applies to the total of the owner's purchases made that day. The Owner Appreciation Discount cannot be combined with either the Seasonal Owner Bonus or the Senior Appreciation discounts. This benefit is subject to change based on the Co-op's financial performance.

15% case discount on items purchased in case quantities

Discounts on Learning Center Classes

Monthly Category Specials

Each month we choose a category of products that will be discounted to owners. All current owners will receive the discount on products of the selected category whenever they shop that month and they present their owner card. Owners don't have to ask for this discount. If they are current on their share payments and they present their card, they will automatically receive this discount. Each month's category special will be publicized in the store and in the Co-op's newsletter, the Co-op Reporter. This benefit is subject to change based on the Co-op's financial performance.

Seasonal Bonus

Once every season, each owner is able to ask for a 10% discount on the first $100 worth of purchases made on the day that he or she chooses. Once used, the discount is unavailable until the next season. Your cashier will be able to tell you if your discount has been used that season. The Seasonal Owner Bonus cannot be combined with either the Owner Appreciation Month or the Senior Appreciation discounts. This benefit is subject to change based on the Co-op's financial performance.

Note: This discount is credited to the owner's share account until an owner reaches the $300 fair share investment. At that point, he or she will then begin to receive the Seasonal Owner Bonus in cash.

Owners could save at least $70 per year just from using their Owner Appreciation Discount and Seasonal Owner Bonus.

For example:

*Owner Appreciation Discount - $150 purchase = $15 discount savings (twice per year)

*Seasonal Owner Bonus - $100 purchase = $10 maximum discount savings (quarterly: 4 times per year)

Total = Potential $70 or more each year in savings

Patronage Refund

In profitable years, profits are returned to Co-op owners in direct proportion to their purchases. Your patronage refund will be calculated on the gross value of your purchases, that is, the amount you are charged before any discounts are applied.

Household Shopper Privilege

For a $5 card fee, you can add a household shopper to your owner account. The household shopper receives the same shopping benefits as owners and can assist in the optional owner work program.

Other Benefits

  • Vote in all Co-op elections
  • Opportunity to run for Board of Directors or serve on any of its advisory committees
  • Product coupons
  • Subscription to the Co-op Reporter newsletter

It Pays To Be A Co-op Owner

When the Co-op's most recent fiscal year ended on September 28, 2014 current Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative owners had earned $433,215 in discounts on the $1,941,780 that they had invested in their refundable Co-op Fair Share accounts. Here's how the discounts were earned:
  • Owner Appreciation Day Discount: $102,363
  • Owner Dividend Month Discount: $45,954
  • Seasonal Owner Bonuses: $120,978
  • Case Purchase Discounts: $71,788
  • Monthly Category Discounts: $81,100
  • Community Learning Center Class Discounts: $11,033

The average amount invested in Fair Share accounts by SNFC owners was $240.77 per owner, and the average discount earned was $53.72 per owner (equal to a 22.31% return on the Fair Share investment). For the sake of comparison, the same $240.77 invested in a bank money market savings account for the same amount of time would have earned about 25 cents.

In addition, together owners received a $100,000 patronage refund – a return of a portion of the Co-op’s profits based one each owner’s purchases. The average refund was $12.75. Combining the patronage refund with their discounts, owners each earned an average of $66.47 last year – a 27.61 % return on their financial investment in the Co- op.