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Envisioning California Conference:
Food for Thought - Current Trends & Policies
in the Golden State

October 11, 2013

Envisioning California Conference

During the reception, A Cornucopia of Food and Fun, the Co-op highlighted the bounty of Fuji apples from Smit Ranch and Organic Valley sharp cheddar cheese. About two-hundred people participated in the event held at the Sacramento Public Library, Tsakopoulos Galleria.

Cal Vet Health Fair 

October 9, 2013

Cal Vet Health Fair 

Several varieties of local, organic pears and apples were sampled during the employee health fair at the California Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The crisp, juicy autumn produce was a compliment to the theme of "healthy eating with the seasons."

CDS Consulting Co-op Board Leadership Development Workshop

September 28, 2013

CDS Consulting

Our Deli Dept. provided catering for breakfast, lunch and snacks for the co-op board member training workshop at the Sutter Square Galleria. New co-op board members from co-ops throughout the U.S. participated in the training to develop board leadership skills.Two of our Co-op's new board members attended, Alissa Anderson and Felicity Lyons.