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Capitol Bike Fest  

May 9, 2013  —State Capitol, West Side Steps 

capital bike fest

The outreach team gave away Co+op bike buttons, shop by bike brochures, coupons and other Co-op info at the Capitol Bike Fest. This is an annual event which attracts 500+ bike enthusiasts as well as state workers and schools going on field trips to the State Capitol. 

Sac State Children's Center 

May 3, 2013  

Sac State Children's center

The Co-op outreach team prepared organic "Superhero" and "Fruity Tooty" smoothies for the young families at Sac State Children's Center open house celebration. 

Sacramento Earth Day

April 21, 2013 —Southside Park

Sac Veg Fest

The Co-op was one of the co-sponsors for the Sacramento Earth Day hosted by the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS). Thousands of people participate in this annual Earth Day celebration. 

The Co-op's outreach booth focused on the sustainable and money saving benefits of the Bulk Dept., featuring a fun, interactive matching game of bulk herbs and spices. Kids also enjoyed the veggie bean bag toss game and went home with great prizes from Organic Valley (frisbees, stickers, temporary tattoos and tote bags).