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Oak Park Farmers Market Demo

August 9, 2014

Farmer's Market

As part of our community partnership with Oak Park Farmers Market, the Co-op led a couple of food demonstrations during the summer markets. Co-op chef, Eileen Murray, demonstrated how to prepare Freekeh Tabouli salad featuring local organically grown produce.

Community Resource Project, WIC

August 8, 2014


The Co-op co-sponsored the Community Resource Project, WIC breastfeeding event and provided a vendor booth serving samples of a summer salad and highlighting the Co-op's Community Discount Program, which offers families with limited incomes a 10% discount on all of their purchases. Participants of WIC and other assistance programs qualify for this discount. For more information, visit the Co-op Customer Service Desk.

Healthy Eating Presentation for California Dept. of Food & Agriculture

August 1, 2014

tack & field

Co-op Wellness Program Coordinator, Sarah Langford, gave a presentation about healthy eating to the employees of the California Dept. of Food & Agriculture. Topics included nutrition, meal planning, eating healthy on a budget and exploring all that the Co-op has to offer.