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For more than thirty years, Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op has continued its tradition of consumer advocacy, education, community outreach and support in the greater Sacramento area. Through programs, projects and activities developed by dedicated staff and Co-op owners, the Co-op serves the greater Sacramento community by providing services to consumers in our store (such as food tasting fairs, product demos and consumer literature), offering classes, seminars and special events at our Co-op Community Learning Center, participating in community events, and making donations to local non-profit organizations.

Community Outreach Programs and Projects

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Fun on Our Local Farms this Summer

Run to Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Day

November 26, 2015

Run to Feed the Hungry

Team Co-op at the Run to Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Day 5K/10K race

World Food Day at Sac State

October 20th, 2015

Little Buckeroo's Day

Co-op Educator Jolie Adam teaches Sac State students to make beet hummus for World Food Day focusing on low cost easy to make recipes.

SPCA Furball

October 17th, 2015

SPCA Furball

Co-op Community Outreach team attends the first fundraising gala held onsite at the SPCA on Florin-Perkins Road October 17th. Serving golden beet and kale salad and Turkish Garbanzo bean salad the event attracted over 500 people.