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For more than thirty years, Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op has continued its tradition of consumer advocacy, education, community outreach and support in the greater Sacramento area. Through programs, projects and activities developed by dedicated staff and Co-op owners, the Co-op serves the greater Sacramento community by providing services to consumers in our store (such as food tasting fairs, product demos and consumer literature), offering classes, seminars and special events at our Co-op Community Learning Center, participating in community events, and making donations to local non-profit organizations.

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Fun on Our Local Farms this Summer

Japanese Tour Group

January 23rd, 2016

Education Assistant Manager Julia Thomas assists our Japanese Tour Group from JCCU Co-op with their shopping and Outreach Coordinator Christie Goodfellow, Owner Worker Dan Lewis and Board VP Ann Richardson pose with our guests. Each year this group visits the Sacramento Co-op to see the difference between their stores and American run Co-ops. They also visit Old Sacramento and tour the local restaurant scene.

Fleet Feet No Boundaries Training Club

January 9th, 2016

Crocker Art Museum, ART MIX | Revolution

Co-op Demo Coordinator Christina O'Hara starts off the year right with the Fleet Feet No Boundaries Training Club. The Co-op is the official healthy eating and nutrition partner for the year long program kicking off January 9th.

Crocker Art Museum, ART MIX | Revolution

December 10th, 2015

Crocker Art Museum, ART MIX | Revolution

The Co-op Education team visits the Crocker Art Museum for Art Mix- Revolution serving Organic Valley cheeses and promoting the great holiday options at the Co-op.