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Candidates Statement of Ann Richardson

I am seeking re-election to the SNFC Board. I am an attorney and community volunteer, having served on the SNFC Board for the past 4 years. I have participated in several exciting and important Board decisions, including the decision to support a new Co-op store relocation project. I voted to seek owner authorization to fund the relocation and voted to offer members preferred shares at favorable interest rates to help finance the project. My Board votes reflect my commitment to ensuring Co-op owners have a strong voice in deciding the future of SNFC and its’ impact on our local network of farms, partnerships and suppliers.

I have made sound fiscal decisions and am cautious in my approach to expansion. The Co-op was profitable during the economic downturn and continues to be the region’s trusted source for organic produce and sustainably produced foods. Our members have increased the demand for a broader selection of fairly priced organic, locally grown, non GMO products. This demand necessitates the Co-op relocate to accommodate both our consumers and employees. Relocation and expansion is expected to have a positive ripple effect by supporting even more local growers, regional businesses, classes and consumers.

I am particularly concerned with issues of food literacy and food insecurity in our community. I am committed to addressing important issues like GMO labeling, wildlife care and preservation and community outreach. If re-elected, I will work to ensure that the SNFC continues to be an important educational resource about cooperatives, health, food and consumer issues. Re-electing me to the Co-op Board will provide much needed continuity during the upcoming relocation project.

I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

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