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Candidates Statement of Ellen McCormick

I’m passionate about food and cooking. As a parent, I care deeply about how the food we eat is grown and produced. I shop at the Co-op first and foremost to make sure the food my family eats is clean, fair and delicious. I joined SNFC in 1997, because I know that every cent I spend at the Co-op supports clean food produced with respect for consumers, farmers, animals and the environment.

I’ve lived in Sacramento for 20 years, except for a brief period in Eugene, Oregon to earn my degree in Architecture. I’m excited for the upcoming relocation of SNFC, and I look forward to using my experience in architecture to assist the board in providing appropriate oversight of this large construction project. Any big project faces potential hiccups, I’m excited to help meet those challenges as they arise.

Prior to my career in architecture, I worked in civil rights and healthcare advocacy for over a decade. I decided to be a candidate for the Co-op Board because I have a deep respect for public service. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to take a turn and serve; with the upcoming relocation, I feel it is my turn to offer to serve.

I don’t come with a personal agenda, just a commitment to listen to our member-owners. In my work and personal life, I look for unmet needs and find ways to meet them. In this spirit, I will serve as a bridge to the board and management. I will listen to you, our fellow members, to ensure the continued success and vitality of our indispensable Co-op.

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