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Candidates Statement of Sonny Eboigbe

With no known expiration dates or term limits on passion and volunteerism, it is my desire to run for the Board. I had previously served on the Board from 2004 through 2013. At various times, I chaired the Board Candidate Nominating Committee and the Finance Committee. I also served as Board Treasurer and Board Vice President. To date, I still serve as a member of the Finance Committee and Board Treasurer.

It is my humble opinion that our Coop is a critical stage of its existence. We are making an owner approved quantum leap into a new location on one hand and we have looming incursion into our market by some well financed predatory corporate companies. We must remain strategic, non complacent and ever vigilant.

If given the opportunity to serve, I will bring to the Board wealth of experience that will serve as guidance as we move forward with the relocation project. It is my goal to contribute in some infinitesimal proportion to ensure the following including but not limited to:

  1. That the Board remains an independent, effective and competent body
  2. Be the “Remember” voice in Board planning having been a Board witness of the cradle to grave of the old Elk Grove store.
  3. Maintaining our niche and continue enhancing the Coop brand in greater Sacramento region
  4. That Board remains conscious of its fiduciary responsibility at all times
  5. Participate in the development of newer Board members

By education, I have 2 professional certifications and 3 College degrees. I look forward for an opportunity to serve thus making my experience an additional impetus and catalyst for the Co-op continuous success.

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