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Campaign thoughts from the candidates

Candidates write why they want to be on the Co-op Board

There are two open seats on the Co-op Board of Directors and seven Co-op owners running for those seats.

Don't forget to vote by September 13!

Mae Harms click here for full statement

As a Board member I will work cooperatively with other Board members to see that our Co-op remains true to its vision of cooperation, sustainable practices, supporting healthy choices, participating in cooperative economics and being open, honest and trustworthy in our business practices. As we transition to our new store, the Board will make important decisions. I envision the potential of our new store for furthering our vision. I have had the experience of being a board member and president of the California Alpine Club, a membership organization with two lodges to maintain.

Sonny Eboigbe click here for full statement

You say I must be a Co-op man, my Co-op passion has gone overboard. Board service is a higher form of volunteerism. Then I ask, is there any expiration date on passion or volunteerism? You shake head sideways to say no.

I served on the Board from 2004-2013 and still serve as Board Treasurer. During this relocation project, I want to ensure the following:

  1. Board remains an effective, competent and cohesive body
  2. Board’s fiduciary responsibility is effective
  3. Board committees remain effective
  4. Be the “Remember” voice on Board planning
  5. Continue enhancing the Co-op brand in the community

Andy Bucchiere click here for full statement

I want to be elected to the Board because I believe that my past experience in civil engineering design, construction management and real estate in the commercial field can be put to great use for the Co-op over the next term. Many Co-op members have put out a lot of energy in carrying the store relocation project to this point. It is now time for someone like me to be involved in order to assist the Board and other members in interpreting consultant-speak and contractor-speak for them when necessary.

I have supported the Co-op for over twenty years. It is now time for me to expend more energy to support the Coop in this time of transition.

Ellen McCormick click here for full statement

I’m passionate about food and cooking. As a parent, I care deeply about how the food we eat is grown and produced. I joined the Co-op in 1997; I know that every cent I spend at the Co-op supports clean food produced with respect for consumers, farmers, animals and the environment.

I’ve lived in Sacramento for 20 years, except for a brief period in Eugene, Oregon to earn my degree in architecture. I’m excited for the upcoming relocation, and I look forward to using my experience in architecture to assist the Board in providing appropriate oversight of this large construction project.

Richard Driver click here for full statement

I am excited to run for the Board. I am passionate about good food and community. I believe the Co-op is more than a store, it is an anchor of our amazing community. My priorities if elected are to:

  • Ensure our store continues to provide quality sustainable food and products to the community.
  • Ensure the Co-op’s finances stay healthy by employing sound fiscal policies.
  • Make sure the transition to the new store location is done efficiently.
  • Grow membership throughout Sacramento’s diverse community.

Ann Richardson click here for full statement

I am running for re-election to the Board. These past four years, I participated in Board decisions that ensure the Co-op is the community's trusted association that provides a broad selection of fairly priced, organically grown foods and products from local farmers and other sustainable cooperative enterprises. I pledge to make decisions that support sound environmental practices and partnerships. My voting record reflects my commitment to Co-op owners and consumers. I voted to:

  • Offer preferred shares
  • Support legislation requiring GMO labeling
  • Seek owner authorization to fund relocation

I would be proud to participate in the future success of the Co-op.

Joshua Foster click here for full statement

I would like to offer myself as a candidate for the Board of Directors. I have been an owner since October 2008 and the Co-op plays an important role in my family’s life and shares a lot of our values. I would like to return the favor by offering my time to do what is needed to preserve that foundation. My beliefs are deeply rooted in sustainability, family and community. I will contribute myself to the standards that the owners, employees and the Board demand. It is my way of saying thank you.