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All Day Activities 10am-3pm

  • Live Music
  • Plant Sale
  • Great Food
  • Farm Stand
  • Children’s Activity Tent
  • Grow Zone for Kids
  • Interactive Community Booths
  • Face Painting & Photo Booth
  • Ask a Farmer Booth

Co-op Farmstand Café 10am-3pm

  • 11am-2pm Lunch
  • Equal Exchange Coffee
  • Magpie Baked Goods
  • Straus Organic Soft Serve Ice Cream
  • Fat Face Popsicles

See a pair of Draft Horses in Action
In the main field 11am - 12:30pm and 1:30 to 3pm
Featuring Book Family Farm's Nattie Book with Moose (a Belgian Gelding) and Dominic (a Percheron Gelding)

Stop by the Elderberry Farms Native Plant Nursery!
Over time Native plants evolved with our climate where they can survive and even thrive. Your ultimate goal may be to create a garden that takes little to no water or maintenance. Local native plants are drought tolerant, and they have connections—connections to birds, butterflies and bees. They have also been used by Native people for centuries, and they are endlessly interesting!.

  • Native Plant Sale 10am-3pm
  • Introduction to Our Drought Tolerant Stars
    with Nursery Director Chris Lewis 12:30 pm & 2pm
    (meet at Event Central)

Music on the Farm!
Great music

  • Mind X Quartet
    11-3 in the barn
    Northern California’s premiere groove-funk-bluegrass-jazz-psychedelic-rock band will playing in the barn
  • Millington Strings
    10-11 in the barn
    Classical String Quartet Good Music, Played Well
  • Rod Stinson
    11-1pm in the outdoor amphitheater/classroom
    An eclectic mix of solo acoustic covers and originals spanning decades and genres.
  • Brian Chris Rogers
    1-3pm in the outdoor amphitheater/classroom
    "Pulses raced and eyes dilated… The One-Man-Band We Didn't See Coming."

Guided Farm Tours Meet at Event Central
Take a guided tour of the farm with a member of the Soil Born Farms staff. Learn more about the vision and goals of our nonprofit community farm. These walking tours will last 45 minutes, covering some uneven terrain. Self-guided tours are encouraged as well and there are informational signs posted around the ranch.

  • 10:30am with Shawn Harrison (adults)
  • 11am with Guy Galante especially for kids
  • 11:30am with Antonio Garza (adults)
  • 12pm with Shawn Harrison (adults)
  • 12:30pm with Sarah Barnes especially for kids
  • 1pm with Elle Huftill-Balzer (adults)
  • 1:30pm with Antonio Garza (adults)
  • 2pm with Shawn Harrison (adults)

Especially for Kids and Families

  • Childrens Activity Tent
    Nature Activities • Games • Art
  • Eat the Rainbow
    Healthy Eating Games & Activities
    California Food Literacy Center Food Geniuses
    The Good Stuff with Janet McDonald
  • Kids’ Chill Zone
    Join librarian Carolyn Tucey for story time.
    12pm and 2pm.
  • Kids’ Chill Zone
    Join librarian Carolyn Tucey for story time.
    12pm and 2pm
  • School Garden Expo & Grow Zone
    Sponsored by School Garden Coalition a project of Slow Food Sacramento and Growing Together
    Stop by and check out some of the most innovative school garden projects and some of the students who are making them happen.

    Grow Zone Schedule
    10:15am Exploring pollination with kids
    11:15am Extending the garden into the classroom through fermentation
    12:15am How to make Plant Part Salsa
    1:15pm Starting and supporting a school garden - Q and A
    2:15pm Learning about the garden through games and songs
  • Ping Pong
  • Face Painting & Photo Booth
    Featuring artists from Happy Face Magic and Fantastic Face Paints.

Cooking Classes in the Co-op Cooking Tent
Learn new ways to enjoy beautiful seasonal produce!

  • Herbalicious Sauces & Dressings
    Ame Harrington 10:15 am
  • Tempura Veggies
    Mayumi Tavalero 11:15 am
  • Green Smoothies and Juices for Good Health
    Jess Mendoza 12:15 pm
  • Strawberry Shrubs for Refreshing Beverages
    Janet McDonald 1:15 pm
  • Farro & Kale Salad with Strawberries
    Dionisio Esperas 2:15

Eat Your Veggies Cooking Demo
at the Outdoor Kitchen Patio

  • 10:15am Michelle Smith
  • 11:15am Terese Esperas
  • 12:15pm Kurt Spataro & Nicolas (Nicolas’ Garden)
  • 1:15pm Dionisio Esperas
  • 2:15pm Tim Shields

Workshops (meet at Event Central)
All workshops are first come, first served. There may not be seating at all workshops for all participants.


F = Field Tent
= Greenhouse Classroom
O = Outdoor Classroom
= Pasture Tent

N = California Native Plant Society Nursery
= Sacred Circle

  • Fruit Tree Care
    with Antonio Garza – 10:15 am F
  • Container Gardening
    with Kate Wilkins – 10:15 am G
  • Yoga on the Farm
    with Summer Ward – 10:15 am O
  • Growing Flowers
    with Elle Huftill-Balzer – 11:15 am G
  • How well do you know your meat?
    with Jon Ganzales, El Dorado Meat Collective – 11:15 am P
  • Making Fermented Foods For Gut Health
    with Janet McDonald – 11:15 am S
  • Herb Walk
    with Daylin Wade – 11:00 am
  • Raising Chickens in your Backyard
    with Greg Howes & Brian Fikes – 12:15 F
  • Growing Vegetables
    with Michele Ranieri – 12:15 G
  • Water Conservation
    with Rain Barrels & Graywater Systems
    with Amanda Platt – 12:15 P
  • Your Backyard Medicine Chest
    with Kellan Mackay – 12:15 S
  • Our Drought-Tolerant Superstars
    with Chris Lewis – 12:30 N
  • Seed Saving
    with Liz Hubbard – 1:15 F
  • Backyard Irrigation Demo
    with John Shannon, Regional Water Authority – 1:15 G
  • Composting 101
    with Kate Wilkins – 1:15 P
  • Meditation & Breathing for Wellness
    with Summer Ward – 1:15 S
  • Our Drought-Tolerant Superstars
    with Chris Lewis – 2:00 N
  • Grow Your Groceries Farmers Panel
    with Sarah Barnes – 2:15 F
  • Growing Medicinal Herbs
    with Daylin Wade – 2:15 G
  • The Importance of Bees
    with Brian Fishback – 2:15 P

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