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Community Kitchen Recipes

The Co-op Community Kitchen partners with community organizations serving low-income populations to provide free hands-on nutrition & cooking education classes focused on how to eat healthy and prepare low-cost meals on a limited income.

This program supports the Co-op’s mission to provide the benefits of healthy food to as many people in our community as possible and fulfill a growing need among members of our community who are experiencing hunger and economic hardship. We believe that learning to cook healthy low-cost meals can help everyone on the path to good health.

Hands-on experience is the key to success in our four-week program; students learn to:

  • Prepare delicious, healthy, low-cost meals using whole grains, fresh produce and plant-based proteins
  • Make positive changes in shopping, cooking, and eating habits
  • Choose foods to include in a healthy meal
  • Use the Co-op as a resource for healthy low-cost foods
  • Plan menus and set food budgets
  • Read nutrition facts labels
  • Save money on healthy foods
  • Practice knife handling and safety
  • Prepare and handle food safely
  • Store fruits, vegetables, and bulk foods properly to reduce waste and save money
  • Cook healthy low-cost recipes ($2.00 or less per serving)

Overall Structure:

  • 4 weekly classes- 2 hours in length
  • Each class includes hands-on cooking & nutrition education with an emphasis on eating healthy, local & low-cost.
  • At the end of each class, participants will be given key recipe ingredients used during the cooking education component and encouraged to replicate the meal at home.
  • Additionally, there is an optional store tour at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op to learn about ways to save when shopping and about our Co-op Community Discount Program.

Who we currently partner with in our community:

We are proud to partner with such community organizations as: River City Food Bank, Wellspring Women’s Center, Mercy Housing, Domus Development, Oak Park Sol Community Garden, and Sacramento Native American Health Center.

To learn more about our Co-op Community Kitchen program, how you can become a trained volunteer instructor or make a tax deductible donation, contact Dawn Dunlap, Community Nutrition Programs Manager at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 916-868-6358.

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