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To be a trusted source of natural foods and products, and a reliable resource for consumer information.



  • We work together.
  • We strive to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • We make decisions based on the common interest of owners.

Sustainable practices

  • We operate as a sustainable business.
  • We respect the natural environment and act accordingly.
  • We work toward a sustainable community and a just society.

Support for healthy choices

  • We provide healthful products.
  • We provide information about healthy choices.
  • We respect diverse opinions about what is healthy.

Belief in cooperative economics

  • We have voluntary and open ownership.
  • We encourage owner involvement.
  • Each owner has one vote.
  • Owner financial return is proportionate to patronage.

Open, honest and trustworthy business practices

  • We are ethical in our business practices.
  • We encourage healthy debate.
  • We respect and invest in the professionalism of our staff.


To provide the benefits of natural foods and products, economic cooperation, and sustainable practices to as many people as possible in the communities we serve.


  • Provide a broad selection of products at fair prices.
  • Provide excellent customer service and consumer education.
  • Succeed as a sustainable business that reaches as many people as possible.
  • Be a great workplace.
  • Model sustainable environmental practices in our business.
  • Encourage owner involvement in decision making and governance.
  • Honor the earth and cultivate the Co-op's relationships with the communities we serve and with the broader network of farmers, suppliers, manufacturers and cooperatives.

Our Customer Service Commitment

We will provide excellent customer service and a friendly and welcoming environment for all.

Our Product Ordering Guidelines

Walk, Talk, & Taste

Are you new to the Co-op or have you been a customer for a longtime and would like to learn more about we have to offer?  “Walk, Talk, & Taste” is a free event which is open to everyone who’s interested in learning more about the Co-op and exploring Co-op ownership.  Enjoy an interactive presentation, delicious food sampling and a store tour. 

To register, call ​our Class Registration Line​ (916-​868​-​6399) or sign up on our website.​