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Attention Co-op owners: you now have the opportunity to help the Co-op finance its planned store relocation, earn a good return and keep your money invested locally!

On this page you will find everything you need to learn about and purchase Preferred Shares. A brief video highlights the program. In addition, this link provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

This offering, approved by the California Department of Business Oversight, allows us to offer three series of shares that you can purchase, each with differing terms, and with different annual dividend rates:


Series Cost per Share Term Annual
Dividend Rate
B $50 No set term 1.0%
C $500 4 year minimum retention 2.5%
D $500 5 year minimum retention 3.0%

Since we began offering the non-voting preferred shares for sale on March 1, 2013 owners have responded in a big way, purchasing a total of $1,500,000 worth of shares from our first offering. As of October 28, 2015 we have more shares to sell.

Here’s the breakdown of B, C and D shares that have been sold and that are still available:

Series Number Offered Price per Share Number Sold Number Still Available Value Sold
B 4,000 $50.00 1,353 2,647 $67,650
C 3,100 $500.00 1,566 1,534 $783,000
D 5,500 $500.00 2,328 3,172 $1,164,000

The following table lists investments available at local financial institutions and how they compare to the B, C and D preferred shares that the Co-op is offering to its fully vested owners. Rates at financial institutions are as of 10/28/15 and are subject to change.

Interest Rates and Minimum Investment
Bank Savings 
CD 4yr CD 5yr
Golden 1 
Credit Union
with $100 minimum balance
$1,000 minimum
$1,000 minimum
Bank of America 0.03% 
with $25 minimum balance
$10,000 minimum
$10,000 minimum
SNFC “B” Share: 1.00% 
$50 Share Price
“C” Share: 2.50% 
$500 Share Price
“D” Share: 3.00%
$500 Share Price

The offering itself is made up of the following three documents that that DOBO has examined and approved:

  1. Memorandum of Terms
  2. Disclosure Document
  3. Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement

Whenever you decide to purchase shares, please follow these steps:

  1. First read the Memorandum of Terms.
  2. Download and read the Disclosure Document.
  3. Download and read the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement.
  4. Complete and sign Exhibit A of the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement.
  5. Make out a check to Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative in the amount corresponding to the price of the shares you choose to purchase
  6. Mail the signed Exhibit A of the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement along with your check to:
    Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative
    1900 Alhambra Blvd.
    Sacramento, CA 95816
    Attn: Preferred Shares

Please do not drop signed exhibit A's at the store.

Once your share purchase has been processed you will receive a signed Share Certificate.


  • Preferred Shares carry no voting rights.
  • Preferred Shares can only be purchased by Co-op owners who are fully vested in their $300 Fair Share investment.
  • No Co-op owner can own more than $100,000 in preferred shares in any combination of the series of shares being offered.
  • Preferred Shares can be purchased at any time up until the total number of shares purchased in each series has reached the limits stated in the Memorandum of Terms.
  • If you have any questions about the Preferred Shares program, please call General Manager, Paul Cultrera at 916-868-6400, or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click here for FAQs on Preferred Shares

Current Preferred Shares sales are:

Series Number Offered Price per Share Number Sold Number Still Available Value Sold
B 4,000 $50.00 1,353 2,647 $67,650
C 3,100 $500.00 1,566 1,534 $783,000
D 5,500 $500.00 2,328 3,172 $1,164,000

Please, watch this video about Preferred Shares

Click here to download the Preferred Shares Disclosure Document