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Board Notes
Board wants input from owners
on new location proposal

Board meeting highlights from January, February, and March

Special election this spring Store relocation update
Board held a series of information and in-store tabling sessions with members to discuss the possible store location and share input with Co-op management and stakeholders to help with the build and design of the new store.

The proposed location of the new building is just across the freeway from our existing store on a parcel bordered by 28th and 29th Street on the west and east, and by R and S Streets on the north and south.

Projected to open in June 2014, the store would have 22,000 square feet of space on the ground floor with a mezzanine level of approximately 15,000 square feet.

As we move forward, we’ll need to obtain financing and approval from our owners. Your Board of Directors believes it is critical that our owners are invested in this crucial decision for our store. That is why we’ve been holding information sessions to answer your questions and gain your input about the location, finances, and other details. In addition, we’ll continue to post information on our website, Facebook page, and update you via email prior to the vote, which we expect to conduct this spring. If you’d like to stay abreast of the proposed location via email, please send me an email and I will add you to the Co-op email distribution list. My email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

First Quarter Fiscal 2012 Financial Overview

  • Sales for the first quarter 2012 were $7,150,472. This is a daily average of $72,964. Members earned $106,095 in discounts in 1st Quarter 2012.
  • The annualized return on ownership investment for the quarter was 21.82%.
  • In terms of profitability, the Coop posted a net gain of $179,566 for the first quarter 2012.

Board adopts new policies
The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op exists so that our community has:

  • A trusted cooperative enterprise and association owned and usd by as many as possible
  • Access to a broad selection of fairlypriced, organically grown foods and products that support healthy choices from a local network of farmers, suppliers, manufacturers and cooperatives
  • Educational resources about cooperatives, health, food and consumer issues
  • A model for cooperative and sustainable environmental practices

What is an ends policy? Is this policy about the overall goals for the Co-op? The ends concept — unique to Policy Governance — is a special type of goal, one that explains why our organization exists, who benefits from our existence, and the value of our existence. In other words, if we look ahead 100 years from now, our ends policy would explain the overall impact the Co-op hopes to have on our members and community.

This policy, like all Co-op Board policy, was drafted with input from members and voted on by the Co-op Board. Additionally, the Board voted to amend Co-op Election Policy and procedures with lessons gathered from Co-op members. The new policies can be found on the Co-op website in the Board of Directors Section.

Plan to attend the June 5th Quarterly Owner Meeting
Exciting news! California Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross will be the featured speaker at our June Owner meeting on Tuesday, June 5 at 7 p.m. Mark your calendars now. Secretary Ross is a strong advocate of local farming, farmers markets, and sustainable agriculture.

Engage with your Board
The Co-op Board’s business meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Community Learning Center and Cooking School at 1914 Alhambra Boulevard, adjacent to the Co-op store. Come on out to observe your Board discussing the important business of the store. Additionally, the Co-op Board hears concerns and solicits input from members at our Quarterly Meetings. Check the events calendar on the Co-op website, the Co-op Reporter, or the Customer Service Desk for information about upcoming Quarterly Meetings.

—Submitted by Michelle Reynolds, Co-op Board Secretary
Please note: This report is a summary and does not reflect full details of everything that occurred at the Board meetings. Complete minutes are approved by the Board at the following month’s meeting and are subsequently available to owners in the “Owner Information Binder” at the Customer Service Desk, as well as online here.