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Pather Ranch

Promo Pure Country Pork from capturEmotion on Vimeo.

In 2007, Pure Country pork became the FIRST sustainable hog operation in the United States to earn Food Alliance Certification, requiring adherence to new and stricter guidelines for sustainable farming. This certification is a true testament to what they are about… Pure Country Pork! Pure Country hogs have been genetically bred for generations to produce a lean but slightly marbled meat that is very moist and juicy, with a fabulous flavor for the finest cooking.

The Pure Country Pork mission is to produce high quality pork that has been born and raised in a sustainable and natural environment, where they are free to move about and have access to fresh water and wholesome feed that is specifically formulated to their growth needs, without antibiotics, added hormones, growth stimulants, or animal byproducts.

Pure Country Pork farmers meet the Pork Quality Assurance standards and follow the sound animal husbandry practices as outlined in the PQA Plus Program. The daily attention the pigs receive ensures that the animals are maintained in a healthy, low-stress environment. Farmers provide their pigs with abundant living space, fresh bedding, fresh food, fresh water, and shelter from predators and all weather conditions. Additionally, they view the animals several times daily to ensure there is no mistreatment and unnecessary pain from an injury or illness. Pure Country pigs are given an iron shot at birth to prevent anemia for a healthy start in life.

The Pure Country Pork farm in Ephrata, Washington houses pigs in top-quality facilities. Sows give birth to their litters in individual A-frame birthing huts. Once the piglets are weaned, the animals are housed in open-air buildings with natural bedding of straw, cornstalks, or wood shaving. Bedding is added or changed as needed to maintain a clean and dry area for sleeping. They have plenty of space for movement and are sheltered from weather. Pure Country Pork pigs are fed some of the finest grains raised in the Northwest, such as triticale, wheat, barley and peas. They also add vegetable protein, flaxseed, vitamins, and minerals. Their feed rations are nutritionally balanced according to the age of the pigs, all without added hormones, antibiotics or animal products.