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Among the qualities that distinguish the Sacramento Food Co-ops Wine, Beer, and Cheese Departments from our competitors is our knowledgeable staff, our emphasis on local products, our eclectic selection, and our commitment to searching out products that are healthy, affordable, and above all, delicious!   We can also special order almost any brand of wine,  beer, or cheese by the case.  In addition, we have added the olive bar to the department. Check out our new look and selections. We now carry 22 types of olive and specialty items. Have we got an olive for you!

Knowledgeable Staff:
I have been making, promoting, and enjoying wine for over 25 years, including a degree in winemaking from UC Davis. Wine is my passion and I enjoy introducing my customers to new products or assisting them in finding that perfect wine (or beer !) to serve with dinner or their wedding reception. My staff and I are equally passionate about cheese. We are all cheese foodies. We study it, sample it, and do our best to bring in the most delicious products to tempt our cheese-loving customers.

Local Products:
We carry a large selection of local products. In Sacramento we are within a 100 mile radius of many wonderful wine regions including Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, and the Foothills. Northern California also boasts some world class breweries and cheesemakers. We know these winemakers and cheesemakers and their story and enjoy sharing these local products with our customers.

Eclectic Selection:
Each of our products has been personally selected by our staff and we are seasonal buyers. We carry old  favorites throughout the year but try to bring in new products as the seasons change. Our cheese selection is second to none in the Sacramento Region.

Healthy Products: All our dairy cheeses are hormone free. We also carry a large selection of organic cheese, wine, and beer, including non sulfite addition wines. We also have a large selection of alternative "cheese" produced from soy and almond .

Affordable: We carry a large range of products for every pocket book. My emphasis in the wine department is on inexpensive everday wines.  We also run frequent sales and manager's specials as well as bargain bin for wine close-outs.

Delicious: Each of the products we bring in has been hand selected and tried. It has to pass our taste test to make it on to our shelves. We carry some world class wine, beer, and cheese.

Special Orders: I can order almost any wine, beer, or cheese by the case (or round for cheese) for customers if the item is distributed in this area. If you need a case or cases for a special occasion just let me know at least a week before the event.  Case discounts will apply!

— Julie Edelstein, Wine, Beer & Cheese Manager