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Delicious food that changes with the seasons



Food grown in our community for our community



Choices that are full of untampered with, natural and wholesome, flavor

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Serve Hot or Room Temperature

$9.99 per lb

$0.85 each

$0.75 each

$0.55 each

$0.95 each

Spicy Asian chicken wings

Mini arancini

(breaded and baked risotto balls)

Roasted roma tomatoes

(with mozzarella, basil, balsamic
vinegar & olive oil)

Mini basil & tomato
polenta triangles

Mini spanakopita triangles
with creamy dill dip

$21 per dozen

$18 per dozen

$0.65 each

$7.25 per lb

(includes pita bread)

small $45 (serves 10-15)
large $68 (serves 15-20)

small $55 (serves 10-15)
large $78 (serves 15-20)

small $45 (serves 10-15)
large $68 (serves 15-20)

small $68 (serves 10-15)
large $85 (serves 15-20)

Finger sandwiches:

Curry chicken, tuna or
organic egg salad

Lemon & dill cream cheese

(with cucumbers, or kalamata olive & basil
cream cheese with roasted red peppers )

Roasted pepper & goat
cheese bruschetta

Pita & hummus

Vegetable platter

(with creamy dill dip )

Fruit platter

(with sweet yogurt dip )

Domestic cheese tray

(Monterey jack, cheddar, Swiss,
mozzarella & smoked cheddar served
with bread & crackers )

Imported cheese tray

(Brie, Chevre, Reggiano, Roquefort
& Gouda served with bread & crackers)

To order, call (916) 455-2667 

48 hour notice needed • delivery not available