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Community Consumer Alerts Wolfgang Puck on BPA
Wolfgang Puck on BPA PDF Print E-mail
December 5, 2009

Re: Bisphenol A

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is in response to your request regarding Bisphenol A (BPA) in package linings in our Wolfgang Puck Soup Products.

Food and beverage package linings are designed to maintain the safety and quality of the foods by protecting the contents from corrosion and spoilage. Some of these package linings contain extremely low levels of residual BPA. BPA has been safely used in consumer products more than 40 years, during which time it has been the subject of significant scientific research and study. The overwhelming weight of evidence clearly supports the safety of BPA and provides reassurance that there is no basis for human health concerns from contact with trace amounts of BPA. Package linings that contain BPA are recognized as safe by the US FDA, the UK Food Standards Agency, the EU Scientific Committee on Food, and other regulatory organizations around the world.

Campbell is committed to providing customers and consumers with safe and wholesome products. As always, with regard to BPA we will adhere to regulatory requirements of the countries where Campbell’s products are produced, distributed, and sold.

Thomas Marchisello
Quality Director – North American Soup, Sauces and Beverages