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ofaat Voices from the Field Kevin Gillespie discovers what One Farm at at Time is all about in this Stronger Together video.

A Farm for the FutureKevin Gillespie talks with Jeff and Annie Main about Good Humus and One Farm at a Time

Listen to an interview from Good Humus Farms on Capital Public Radio's, Insight.

download the audio file here

To continue to enjoy local food, we have to preserve our local farms and farmers!

With your support, we can finalize the purchase of a perpetual conservation easement on Good Humus Produce THIS YEAR and move on to the next farm.

The estimated cost of the easement will be over $300,000. So far we have raised $199,112 for the easement purchase.

Donate today and help ensure the sustainability of our local farms for future generations!

One Farm at a Time gives Co-op shoppers the opportunity to invest in the future of the farms that provide our food. The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op is working along with other co-ops, family farms and land trusts to raise funds and awareness needed to help ensure the sustainability of our local family farms for future generations.

jeff_annie Jeff and Annie Main, owners and operators of Good Humus Produce

The intention of One Farm at a Time is to raise funds to preserve each farm based on their unique set of circumstances and to encourage young farmers by making farming a viable option in California. Our first project is to purchase an easement to protect Good Humus Produce in Capay Valley. Jeff and Annie Main have been working for eight years to raise money for this easement, and with your help, we can preserve their farm for generations to come.

Annie Main, Good Humus Produce
What we need from our community members is support for farm preservation every year. Then we are all doing our part to ensure fresh, local, organic food from farmers we know, forever.

Donate to One Farm at a Time to One Farm at a Time

Just Click above and indicate that your donation should go to the TPCF account set up by the Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative.

One Farm at a Time Promo from Chuck Schultz ofaatvid

The last Crop Movie Trailer If your company would like to sponsor One Farm at a Time, please contact Julia Thomas at (916) 736-6800 ext 151