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Apples and Pears

Preserving the Harvest
Saturday, November 1
10 – 12:30pm


Cooking with Spices

Monday, November 3
6:00pm – 8:30pm


KinderCooks & Books

Friday, October 31
2:30 – 4pm

Fresh Deals

November is Owner
Appreciation Month

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Good Humus Pumpkin Picnic
Sunday Oct 26
2 – 6pm

Over 50 Grocery and Wellness Items on Sale

Organic Produce

Fuji Apples
Cuyama Orchards
New Cuyama, CA

Sale $2.29/lb
Reg. $2.99/lb

All Varieties
Riverdog Farm
Guinda, CA

Sale $1.99 each
Reg. $2.69 each

Nicholas Farm
Orange Cove, CA

Sale $2.29/lb
Reg. $3.99lb

Loose Kale
Dino and Green
Duncan Family Farm
New Cuyama, CA

Sale $2.29/lb
Reg. $2.99/lb

Fish Meat Poultry

Turkey Lunchmeats
Non-GMO Verified
Multiple Varieties


Sale $3.49 6oz
Reg. $4.69 6oz

Chicken Drumsticks
Non-GMO Verified
Mary's Poultry
Sale $1.99/lb
Reg. $2.99/lb

Hardwood Organic Smoked Ham
Organic Prairie
Sale $5.99 6oz
Reg. $7.69 6oz

Good Morning Bacon
Applegate Farms
Sale $3.49 8oz
Reg. $4.99 8oz

Beer Wine Cheese

KinderCooks & Books: Trick or Treat!
Friday, October 31
2:30 – 4pm

In the Kitchen with Rick Mahan
Thursday, October 30
6:30 – 8:30pm


Preserving the Harvest: Apples and Pears
Saturday, Nov. 1
10am – 12:30pm

Wine Beer Cheese

Sheriff Red
Shadow Ranch
Local Gold Medal Winner at the State Fair!

Sale $10.39 750ml
Reg. $12.99 750ml

Moose Drool Brown Amber
Big Sky Brewing
Full flavored malty amber with a roasty bitterness for balance

Sale $6.79 6pk
Reg. $8.49 6pk

MontAmore Cheese
Sartori Cheese
Sweet and creamy with a tangy bite!

Sale $5.39 7oz
Reg. $6.79 7oz

Almond Cheese
Available in cheddar, jalapeno, garlic, and mozzarella style

Sale $3.19 8oz
Reg. $3.99 8oz


Turkey Burger
A low sodum option and a great protein boost

Sale $2.99 each
Reg. $3.99 each

Greek Pasta Salad
Light, flavorful and packed with vegetables

Sale $5.99/lb
Reg. $7.99/lb

Dijon Kale & Feta Salad
Fresh Mediterranean flavors

Sale $6.99/lb
Reg. $8.99/lb

Chicken Wings & Drummettes
Sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet; always delicious

Sale $7.99/lb
Reg. $9.99/lb


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