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Holiday Store Hours

Some of our hours have changed for the holidays.


Hanukkah Traditions

Thursday, December 3
6:30 – 8:30pm


Handmade Wreaths at Good Humus

Saturday, December 5
10am – 4pm

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November 18 – December 1

Fresh Deals

Holiday Store Hours
Some of our hours have changed for the holidays

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2nd Offering of Preferred Shares
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Over 50 Grocery and Wellness Items on Sale

Organic Produce

Yellow Onions
Peri and Sons Yerington, CA
Sale $0.89/lb
Reg. $1.69/lb

Various California and Mexican Growers
Sale $1.59 each
Reg. $2.19 each

Butternut Squash
Terra Firma
Winters, CA

Sale $0.89/lb
Reg. $1.19/lb

Garnet Sweet Potatoes
Natural Beauty
Livingston, CA

Sale $1.69/lb
Reg. $2.29/lb

Fish Meat Poultry

Bulk Pork or Chicken Sausage

House Made
Great for stuffing!

Sale $4.99/lb
Reg. $6.99/lb

Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon
Sale $5.99 16oz
Reg. $7.49 16oz

Turducken Breast Roll
House Made
Sale $7.99/lb
Reg. $11.99/lb

Large Shrimp
Sale $10.99/lb
Reg. $16.99/lb

Beer Wine Cheese

Olive Oil Immersion
Wednesday, Dec. 2
6:30 – 8:30pm

Beautiful Handmade Wreaths at Good Humus Produce
Saturday, Dec. 5
10am – 4pm

Kids & Teens in the Kitchen Holiday Treats
Saturday, Dec. 5
10am – 12:30pm

Wine Beer Cheese

Valdiguie and Riesling
J Lohr
The perfect red and white wines to serve with the bird!

Sale $8.39 750ml
Reg. $10.49 750 ml

Hop Nosh IPA
New in store

Sale $7.79 6pk
Reg. $9.79 6pk

Marin French
Just add fruit and crackers for a delicious appetizer
Sale $7.39 8oz
Reg. $9.29 8oz

Orange Fig Spread
Great with a brie or fresh goat cheese

Sale $4.79 8.5oz
Reg. $6.09 8.5oz


Creamy and fresh, a delicious snack

Sale $4.99/lb
Reg. $6.50/lb

Turkish Garbanzo Salad
Sweet, tangy, and chock full of chick peas

Sale $5.99/lb
Reg. $7.99/lb

Wild Rice And Hazelnut
A slighly sweet salad fit for a meal

Sale $5.99/lb
Reg. $7.99/lb

Marinated Mushrooms
Regular and Spicy Asian

Sale $8.99/lb
Reg. $10.99/lb


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