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One Pot Meals

from Around the World
Monday, October 6
6:30 – 8:30pm


Wild About Succulents

Saturday, October 11
10am – 12pm



Saturday, October 11
9am – 1pm

October 1 – october 21

Fresh Deals

Rideabout Coop Crawl
Saturday, October 11
9am – 1pm

Hoes Down Harvest Festival
October 4 – 5

Over 50 Grocery and Wellness Items on Sale

Organic Produce

Yellow Onions
Hollister, CA

Sale $0.99/lb
Reg. $1.29/lb

Bulk Carrots
Bunny Luv
Bakersfield, CA

Sale $1.19/lb
Reg. $1.49/lb

Butternut Squash
Terra Firma Farm
Winters, CA

Sale $0.99/lb
Reg. $1.59/lb

Garnet Sweet Potatoes
Thomas Farm
Livingston, CA

Sale $1.79/lb
Reg. $2.29lb

Fish Meat Poultry

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef
Sun Fed Organic

Sale $7.99 16oz
Reg. $10.49 16oz

Chicken Wings
Smart Chicken
Sale $2.69/lb
Reg. $3.69/lb

Whole Chicken
Mary's Poultry

Sale $1.99/lb
Reg. $2.89/lb

Uncured Garlic Peppered Bacon
Sale $4.99 12oz
Reg. $6.69 12oz

Beer Wine Cheese

One Pot Meals from Around the World
Monday, October 6
6:30 – 8:30pm

Fermented Foods Demystified
Saturday, October 4
10am – 1pm
at Soil Born Farms


Sprouting Chefs: Fall Fun!
Friday, October 17
3:30 – 5pm

Wine Beer Cheese

Natural Organic Red Wine
Frey Organic
Non sulfite addition Organic Red Wine

Sale $7.99 750ml
Reg. $9.99 750ml

Shiner White Wing
Shiner Brewery
Belgian-style brew from the Lone Star State

Sale $6.79 6pk
Reg. $8.49 6pk

Sliced Cheeses
Red Apple Cheese Available in Swiss, Muenster, and Provolone

Sale $4.89 8oz
Reg. $6.19 8oz

Spicy Pepper Jam
Delicious with cheese or spread on a sandwich

Sale $5.29 7oz
Reg. $6.69 7oz


Twice Baked Potato
A meal in itself!

Sale $3.99/lb
Reg. $5.99/lb

Four Bean Salad
Classic flavor of dill complements the beans

Sale $3.99/lb
Reg. $5.99/lb

Garlic Lovers Pasta
Mellow garlic, with the little surprise of peas!

Sale $5.99/lb
Reg. $7.49/lb

Ranch Chicken
A creamy and tangy side dish

Sale $6.99/lb
Reg. $8.99/lb


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