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Bento Box

The Art of Japanese Cuisine
Saturday, Sept. 5
10 – 12:30pm



Preventing and Reversing
Wednesday, Sept. 2
6:30 – 8:30pm


Asian Street Food

Thursday, September 3
6:30– 8:30pm

The sale items below will be available on Wednesday, September 2 starting at 7am.

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September 2 – September 15

Fresh Deals

12th Annual Autumn Equinox
Saturday, Sept.19
4:30 – 8:30pm

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Over 50 Grocery and Wellness Items on Sale

Organic Produce
Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples
Rider and Sons
Watsonville, CA
Sale $2.89/lb
Reg. $3.69/lb

Red Cabbage
Lamont, CA
Sale $0.89/lb
Reg. $1.29/lb

Loose Spring Mix
Hollister, CA
Sale $4.99/lb
Reg. $6.69/lb

Starkrimson Pears
Mt. Hood Organics
Mt. Hood, OR

Sale $1.79/lb
Reg. $2.29/lb

Fish Meat Poultry

Organic Boneless Skinless Breast

Mary's Poultry
Sale $6.49/lb
Reg. $8.79/lb

Chicken Drumsticks
Smart Chicken
Sale $1.79/lb
Reg. $2.99/lb

Lean Turkey Burgers
Sale $4.99 16oz
Reg. $6.99 16oz

Great Organic Hotdog
Applegate Farms
Sale $6.99 16oz
Reg. $9.99 16oz

Beer Wine Cheese

Fresh Asian Street Food
Thursday, Sep. 3
6:30 –8:30pm

Latin American Street Food
Thursday, September 10
6:30 – 8:30pm

Indian Street Food
Thursday, Sept. 17
6 – 8:30pm

Wine Beer Cheese

Amador Foothill
This foothill wine is great with pizza

Sale $11.99 750ml
Reg. $14.99 750 ml

Day Time Fractional IPA
Session style IPA from Petauma

Sale $7.19 6pk
Reg. $8.99 6pk

Bella Capra Chèvre
Sierra Nevada
Creamy and tangy fresh chèvre
Sale $6.39 8oz
Reg. $7.99 8oz

Finestrotti with Rosemary
Vecchio Mulino
New crackers located on the olive bar

Sale $2.79 250gm
Reg. $3.49 250gm


Greek Pasta Salad
Light, flavorful and packed with vegetables

Sale $5.99/lb
Reg. $7.99/lb

Creamy and fresh, a delicious snack

Sale $4.99/lb
Reg. $6.50/lb

Marinated Mushrooms
Regular and Spicy Asian

Sale $7.99/lb
Reg. $10.99/lb

Lemon Poached Chicken
Lemony chicken; delicious and healthy

Sale $8.99/lb
Reg. $11.99/lb


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