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DIY for Everyday Skincare

Wednesday, April 1
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Fit to Eat

Monday, March 30
6:30 – 8:30pm


Bee Love Rideabout & Hive Tour

Saturday, April 4
9:30am – 1pm

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Over 50 Grocery and Wellness Items on Sale

Organic Produce

Bulk Carrots
Lamont, CA
Sale $1.29/lb
Reg. $1.69/lb

Baby Spinach
Hollister, CA
Sale $2.50/lb
Reg. $4.99/lb

Hot House Tomatoes
Wilgenburg Greenhouses
Dinuba, CA
Sale $3.29/lb
Reg. $4.29/lb

3.5 inch Potted Garden Starts
Sweetwater Nursery
Sebastopol, CA

Sale $1.99 each
Reg. $2.49 each

Fish Meat Poultry

Boneless Skinless Breast

Smart Chicken
Sale $5.99/lb
Reg. $7.49/lb

Genoa Salame
Applegate Farms
Sale $3.49 4oz
Reg. $4.99 4oz

Chicken Fajita
House Made
Sale $4.99/lb
Reg. $7.49/lb

Organic Lunchmeats

Roast turkey, roast chicken, and smoked ham
Organic Prairie
Sale $5.99 6oz
Reg. $7.39 6oz

Beer Wine Cheese

Fit to Eat
Monday, March 30
6:30 – 8:30pm

Bee Love Rideabout & Hive Tour
Saturday, April 4
9:30am – 1pm


Hearty Vegan Spreads And Dips
Monday, March 23
6:30 – 8:30pm

Wine Beer Cheese

Gato Negro
It's the cat's meow! Malbec from Argentina

Sale $5.19 750ml
Reg. $6.49 750ml

From Davis - a refreshing quaffer

Sale $7.69 6pk
Reg. $9.69 6pk

Vermont Organic Extra Sharp Cheddar
Organic Valley
Tangy and delicious-great with crackers!
Sale $10.39 1lb
Reg. $12.99 1lb

Sardines In Oil
Packed in olive oil, located underneath the olive bar

Sale $3.19 4.2oz
Reg. $3.99 4.2oz


Barbecued Chicken
Perfect for a weeknight meal or a party

Sale $7.99/lb
Reg. $9.99/lb

Grilled Veggie Quesadilla
A fiesta in your mouth!

Sale $2.99 each
Reg. $3.99 each

Lemon Fusilli
Super light, bright and summery

Sale $4.99/lb
Reg. $7.99/lb

Summer Rice Salad
Welcome the sun with this cool and hearty rice salad

Sale $4.99/lb
Reg. $7.99/lb


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