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Community Consumer Alerts Backyard Chickens are Finally Legal in Sacramento!
Backyard Chickens are Finally Legal in Sacramento! PDF Print E-mail

Starting November 1, raising up to three hens in your backyard will be legal in the City of Sacramento. Many Sacramento residents have been fighting for the right to raise egg-laying hens for over two years; the City Council passed an ordinance in August that will, at long last, allow it. Read more here

If you are thinking about joining the backyard chicken craze, check out these local resources:

Western Feed & Pet Supply
Their Sacramento location is just around the corner from the Co-op at 1600 34th Street. They sell chicks in the early spring, and feed, feeders, supplements, books and nesting boxes all year.

Creative Coops
This Grass Valley business sells modular chicken coops, including some on wheels, for different sized flocks. The coops are designed to be adaptable and grow along with your chicken raising enthusiasm.

The Co-op and Soil Born Farms offer classes on keeping chickens several times a year. Look for another round of classes on the topic in the new year.