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Make-Ahead Baking

Monday, February 8
6 – 9pm


Healthy Heart-Healthy Body

with Dr. Suzette Lanzarotta
Wed, Feb 17. 6:30 – 8pm


The Farmer & The Chef with Blue Heron Farms

Tuesday, February 23
6 – 8:30pm

Benefits with Friends Program – For every new owner you refer, the Co-op will reward you with a $25 gift card. This program is open to Co-op owners who are current on their investment.

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We’re happy to announce the Co-op’s second offering of non-voting, dividend bearing preferred shares. Following up on our first successful offering, the Co-op’s Board decided to make more shares available to Co-op owners who want to invest in our store’s relocation.

Current Preferred Shares sales are:

Series Number Offered Price per Share Number Sold Number Still Available Value Sold
B 4,000 $50.00 1,353 2,647 $67,650
C 3,100 $500.00 1,566 1,534 $783,000
D 5,500 $500.00 2,328 3,172 $1,164,000

The shares come in three series, as follows:

Series Number in Offer Cost per Share Term Annual Dividend Rate
B 2,500 $50 No set term 1.00%
C 1,750 $500 4 year minimum retention 2.50%
D 4,000 $500 5 year minimum retention 3.00%

Compare these to other similar investments and you’ll see that they are a great way to earn a good return and to keep your money invested locally.

All the details, along with the forms needed to purchase shares are available online at www.sacfoodcoop.com/preferredshares.

 Note: Preferred Shares can only be purchased by Co-op owners who are fully vested in their $300 Fair Share investment.